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Announce the launch of Aalambana on social media

How we worked with United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to implement communication collaterals


How to create a video story in 3 days for a public media launch?


Produce an impressive social media friendly video in a short period

For more than 50 years, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) has played a transformational role in reducing poverty, empowering women, creating jobs, protecting the environment, and lots more in the nearly 170 countries where it works.

During the COVID lockdown, Government of Telangana in partnership with United Nations Development Program decided to launch Aalambana a mobile application to to support the weavers and artisanal communities of Telangana. The app was to be launched by Sri K T Rama Rao, Minister of Handlooms and Textiles Government of Telangana, launched the app on the symbolic occasion of 6th National Handloom Day.


However, for us, it meant no sleep for 3 days as we had limited time span to deliver. We needed to create a video full with storyboarding, animated infographics, appealing video shots and post production.

Conversations with UNDP's team revealed that they were looking for a quality production with attention to details. We also found supporting members in the team who helped us quickly develop an understanding of the project. Everything we did was possible due to open communication between the partners involved. They worked as allies who were keen to deliver an exceptional performance even when facing a paucity of time.


We worked with UNDP's Disha Team to story board and capture as much footage as possible. In parallel, our animators worked hard to create sequences which could be used in the video. This was a grueling task as it was a challenge to achieve the finesse and relatability of an animated sequence in a day's time. We discovered that through teamwork and strategic implementation, challenges which seem unfathomable in the beginning can be overcome.


We gave UNDP the quality it deserves

  • At launch, the video received an instant approval by the state Government
  • The video was also published on all social media handles of UNDP India
“In a jiffy, the team at Knot for Profit helped us build excellent video collaterals for media launch of Alamabana app. Great work. ”
Dibya Singh
State Project Officer



Formalities were completed at UNDP's end

2nd August 2020
Storyboarding and production

We did our magic to capture the story through visuals

4th August 2020
Post production

Editing and animation embedding was completed

5th August 2020

Video was relseased in the media launch

6th August 2020

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