Brand Strategy

Uttarakhand's farmers get their own Himalayan brand

How we helped Government of Uttarakhand develop a himalayan farm products brand


How to start a fresh brand in a large established government ecosystem?


Build a credible brand to represent the state's farmers

UGVS is a society registered by the Government of Uttarakhand representing more than 6 Lakh farmers. In 2020 - after being operational for more than 8 years, it dreamt of providing its farmers a dedicated brand to market their products across the globe.

But stakeholders feared that such a large, established ecosystem may not have the capacity to deal with a new way of building and managing a brand.

We needed to create a credible brand which captures the essence of Uttarakhand, convincing stakeholders  that a new brand will increase their market leverage and push them to adopt new and improved practices to stay competitive.  

We embedded with UGVS to create HILANS - a farmer brand for the farmers of Uttarakhand. Together we crafted a new kind of brand from the ground up, creating everything from product to brand architecture, design and positioning.

We discovered that veteran members of the ecosystem were set in their views and not open to ours. But we unearthed a new cohort - young, idealistic team members, obsessed with making HILANS grow. They became HILANS' muse and advocates. Everything we did signalled that we were their allies, equipping them with  tools to enhance their power to make a difference.


We helped create and launch an entirely new product offering. When we began, no standardised packaging material was ready since the last 18 months. As a result, we created the HILANS brand and designed a launch plan that would give them a voice in the market and make the new brand and business tangible in advance of concrete product availability. We also built the visual assets for the brand which includes high quality photographs and stock footage. And we helped transition the existing brand and culture of legacy assets into the new brand, creating guides for the internal team.

hilans logo

We gave HILANS the best start in life possible

  • At launch, the brand started receiving orders from international markets
  • The brand is being repeatedly mentioned by the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand on his social media handles
  • Today, its positioning, tone and visual language are fresh and distinctive
  • The brand is now operating in multiple cities of the state
“The team helped us achieve an outstanding results in a short span of time. They are engaged with us to grow the brand even further.”
Dr. Ahmed Iqbal, IAS
Assistant Project Director, UGVS


Context Study

Studying the ecosystem of UGVS

July 2020
Brand architecture, design & positioning

Development of the core components of brand HILANS

August 2020
Asset building

Capturing the beauty of Uttarakhand to communicate with audience in the future

September 2020

Building brand presence in online and offline market


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