Be a real professional! Use Linkedin effectively.

Shubham Tomar

Comments. Likes. Shares. They kept pouring in. Infact, to save myself, I had to turn my Linkedin notifications off on my phone. Why? Well, I was getting a first hand flavour of my post going viral. For me, this post was a realisation I shared with my community on Linkedin.

'Facebook is different from Linkedin' was the theme of the post. Honestly, the humongous support I received from the global community took me by surprise. I realised that I had touched a cord. Growing global dissent on the way Linkedin is being used by many professionals around us was the reason. If you are confused about how to use Linkedin as a real professional, read on.

What is Linkedin?

As always, the basics first. Many of you must remember the old 'CV' days. You needed your CV in every impressive format out there! Consider Linkedin to be your CV on steroids. Instead of creating mundane pdfs, you create a dynamic page full with images, links, logos, etc.. Look at your Linkedin profile page. There are a lot of elements which, if added, create a visually rich profile. Instead of throwing a mundane pdf, throw in a link. That too, an appealing one.

Why are you here?

When you create your profile on Linkedin, ask yourself- Why am I here? Each one of you has his own reason.

However, Linkedin was created with a central mission in mind - connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

Notice the term 'professionals'. While you may not use it the way it's intended to be, many professionals around you do use it with a professional intent. What is professional? Act on the following points and you will be 'professional'.

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Give me the job

I have come across many. The moment you are on Linkedin, the job hunt begins. While it may be ok for you to do it, remember, not all of us are here to offer/receive jobs. Refrain from randomly messaging 'I need a job'. If you want to do it, put it up as a post. People respond. Support is provided. But, don't spam inboxes, especially of people you don't know.

This brings me to 'spamming'.

Spam baby spam!

Regular Linkedin users must have noticed a rise in spam messages. It was bound to happen.

The moment people notice a significant crowd on a platform, spamming begins.

When you consider the two largest markets of Linkedin - US and India, spamming is natural. However, since the last 2 years, I have started blocking people and companies who play the spam game. There are better ways to generate business in today's world. Invest in them. You won't need spamming.

Well, hello beautiful!

I know it's difficult for some of my brothers to control their hormones. Still, give it a try. It may be worthwhile to create a safer world. Safe Linkedin. Many women have complained that they are tired of people using Linkedin as a dating platform. Read Tammie A's comment to my post where she provides more details. Believe me, she is not alone. If you notice, there is an army!

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The internet has evolved. There is a platform for almost all your needs you could think of. All of them! If you are interested in dating, let this article be your guide.

The least you could do on Linkedin is to spoil women's experience of using it.

They are a group worth respecting! Abide by it.

Will Linkedin help you?

If you still doubt the efficiency of Linkedin, I will share my personal experience. At Columbia University, I was repeatedly trained to use Linkedin. First, I didn't get the point of it. However, later, I realised that Linkedin's experience is pretty country specific. In the US, the platform has evolved to be the largest recruiting tool. Even in India, best of the brands are moving to Linkedin for hiring. See the details below.


Why this trend? Because, 'Professionals' are present on this platform. Recruiters save costs, time and energy. They look for competent employees on this platform. Many also observe higher retention rates, while recruiting through Linkedin.

Interestingly, Studies have also indicated that the perceived value of published content is higher on Linkedin. I have used it to learn, network, share and support viewpoints. If you can spend some money, invest in Linkedin Learning. Some of the courses are life changing. Trust me, if used properly, Linkedin is extremely beneficial.

I along with many others have chosen to build careers and not just jobs on Linkedin. Use it 'professionally' to leverage Linkedin's true power.

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